Listed Building Reconstruction in to in[n]Athens Hotel

Listed Building Reconstruction in to in[n]Athens Hotel

Project: Four-story building reconstructtion | Location: Syntagma, city centre | Completed: September 2015

Project Information

With the 2013 crisis in the field of construction in Greece, Nikos Manioudakis decides to enter the tourism sector. One of the few promising activities in Greece.

In the beginning of 2014, the first business plan was developed, the specific building was selected, and the hotel company was established with three partners. Next, Nikos Manioudakis, partner, plans the architectural proposal, while signing the lease with the owners. December of the same year all the necessary licenses are issued and the countdown has begun!

The building was built in 1922 to house the wealthy Greek refugees of Asia Minor. Until today the building has been used by the Rallis family, has been used as a female boarding house, a hostel, and offices. Today accommodates our design in[n]Athens hotel.

The building is developed in four levels with a total area of ​​900.00m2. A dominant feature in the facade is the large wooden frames facing an interior courtyard of 150m2. A lemon tree, a magnolia and a variety of other plants brings to mind images of old Athenian spaces. The only access to the property is through the so-called Rallis arcade that penetrates buildings ground floor plan.

Oikodynamiki undertakes the project management of the whole project. Our experience in the field of construction, and especially in restorations of listed buildings play a decisive role. Dionysis Sotovikis architectural office was commissioned for interior design, and for constructing all furniture and artworks.

The building was reconstructed to be sustainable, environmentally friendly with selected materials and energy saving electromechanical installations.