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Our Company


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Oikodynamiki initiated on 2003 entering the field of high-end property development and management. The company was created as a continuation of General Construction Ltd, which has been undertaking public works throughout Greece since 1972. A successful partnership between multiannual experienced partners, in the construction sector, and a fresh partner, architect Nikolaos Manioudakis.

The company started by designing and constructing residences for sale, and continued by undertaking contracts of any kind of development. At the same time, our company manages a privately-owned commercial building on the coastal avenue in Alimos, as well as a newly built apartment building in Lavrio. Through the years we became specialist in restorations of listed buildings.

In 2014 with the Greek crisis in the construction sector, Nikolaos Manioudakis, owner of the company, decides to enter the field of tourism. One of the few promising activities in Greece. The result was the creation of in[n]Athens hotel in the center of Athens. Today in[n]Athens hotel has a new wing at the adjacent building, thus creating a small design hotel complex. Another one of our projects.



Our company is consisted of a team of specialized people in order to meet today’s competitive edge in our industry. From our founding members, our highly trained engineers, our experienced workers, to our certified contractors, our only goals are quality, sustainability, innovation and eco conscious. Understanding our clients’ needs and delivering their dreams. Company’s strategy focuses mainly on the following axes:


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Our Team


He was born in Alimos in 1943. He studied Surveying Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. He is the general manager of the company. He also manages the Real Estate development and management department as well as the sales department.


He was born in Chalastra Thessalonikis in 1952. He worked in the field of construction from an early age. He manages the construction department of the company. He heads and participates in construction workers.


He was born in Piraeus in 1973. He studied Architecture in London with a Master’s degree at University College of London. He directs the design and construction department of the company. He in charge of architectural design of the buildings and their subsequent supervision. He is responsible for organizing and managing projects. He also runs the finance department.