Green Buildings

Green Buildings

High energy consumption appliances have been extensively used the last few decades in the building industry. As consumers become more and more eco conscious, Oikodynamiki is one of the first in its field to enhance bioclimatic design. Our team uses of renewable materials and up-to-date technology, we are particularly oriented in energy saving constructions according to the European Union norms and regulations. Oikodynamiki acts by protecting and respecting the city, as well as the urban environment, aiming for sustainable growth. Below are highlighted some energy saving appliances:


Exterior insulated finish systems

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems are insulated wall claddings that provide buildings with a blanket of continuous insulation protecting the exterior from temperature fluctuations, while keeping interior temperatures relatively stable. This high-performing, eye-catching wall cladding system saves energy and stays attractive for years.

Exterior Insulation improves indoor comfort and air quality while maintaining maximum curb appeal and lowering overall life cycle costs, delivering unparalleled energy efficiency and durability for today’s sustainable building construction.


Geothermal heating and cooling

Geothermal energy is thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth. It’s clean and sustainable. The use of geothermal systems for heating and cooling buildings is today’s high-end technology. There are multiple benefits in many respects. It is by far the most energy saving method (from 62% to 72%) and therefore the best cost return investment, causing the least possible damage to the environment.


Thermally broken frame systems

Oikodynamiki is using thermally broken aluminum frame systems to all our projects. The primary aims are to enhance building’s thermal insulation, to eliminate water resistance, to allow air permeability and offer sound reduction.

The list continues with many eco-friendly architectural and constructional capabilities. For example, some of these are interconnected photovoltaic systems, energy saving cast-iron fireplaces, smart solar heated systems for swimming pools, energy saving double-glazed windows on aluminum frames, shading architectural applications, etc.