The ancient Greek Feng-Shui


The term oikodynami is a neologism of the writer Spyros Makris in order to explain the ancient Greek eco spatial system. The philosophy of our company is inspired by this science, from which we also borrow the term for our logo, Oikodynamiki.

Oikodynami is the eco spatial system of buildings and cities, which aims to help us choose an environment that is considered competent and appropriate for our proper living, growth and evolution, providing us with harmony and balance.

Oikodynami is basically divided into two parts: One that refers to designing and setting up a city (identifying a suitable location, town planning, etc.) and designing and arranging a building intended for residential use.

Thus, oikodynami is the art of dwelling and living with harmony through the ancient Greek thought and philosophy. Similar systems developed in every developed ancient civilization, taking in to account elements that clearly fit better each culture, civilization, education, climate, soil morphology, and the various meteorological phenomena of the region. Among these cultures were the Chinese (Feng Shui), the Egyptians, the Idi (Vaastu sastra), the Mayans, the Incas and many others.


This system was studied and established by the priests of the Delphic Oracle thousands of years ago. With the Oracle of Delphi set as a center of propagation, their system was applied throughout the ancient Greek world, creating an invisible geometric grid, that aimed for the health and welfare of the Greeks, the balance with nature and the universe. With the commandments and prophecies given by Pythia the holy-builders built their cities according to sacred geometry, sacred architecture and town planning, knowledge that in recent years began to be decoded.

In ancient Greece, the architect, would have to be familiar with geometry, history, philosophy, music, medicine, and also with astronomy, meteorology, geology, knowledge covering a wide range of sciences. But only so could one see a construction as self-contained and as part of the whole in balance with natural laws.



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